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Asteroids and the Away day

by Wouter on December 15, 2006.
Tagged as: Lunches.

Most of our time was spent talking about the away day and various organizational issues. I gave a brief demo of the Asteroids game I wrote using wxHaskell. Neil and I intend to remove a lot of the pure code and ask first-years to fill in the blanks. Here’s a screenshot to whet your appetite:

Asteroids screenshot

Asteroids screenshot

A lot of credit goes to Daan Leijen, who wrote wxHaskell and implemented a very compact asteroids game in his Haskell Workshop paper on the subject. I just added the bullets and the astronaut who makes snide remarks about your flying.

If you want to play around with wxHaskell there’s a working installation on the host called drill. Feel free to ask for my source code, provided you can prove you’re not an undergraduate.

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